Customer Relationship Management


Grow the performance of your business development center and your teams with a complete and integrated suite of relational marketing tools fully adapted to the automotive industry.

Optimize your return on investment with a complete and integrated CRM solution.

Increase your sales by improving your customer relationship management with our real-time business intelligence solution integrated with your CDA and team operations – including Call, SMS, and portfolio management; automated marketing as well as a loyalty program tailored to your dealership.


The right measuring tool


Finally, a review sheet for your investments.

Today’s customer is king, and never has the need for a comprehensive digital solution that can track and understand our clients been more apparent. Automotive dealerships are no exception, and an advanced CRM tool is key to growing our client base and ensuring that we convert our opportunities.

Technological solutions that help establish a relationship or thrust between your dealership and your customers.

  • Sales management: CRM makes it possible to improve your sales efficiency by means of several tools  such as the driver’s license scanner, call tracking and recording, and the ease, and simplified customer classification (walk-in, computer, phone). The CRM also allows the integration of vehicles from Serti, CTwizard, Merlin and Reynolds & Reynolds.


  • Marketing Actions: CRM is used to analyse and take advantage of information flow. It provides reports that can be used to measure results such as sales performance, sales by model, sales by channel, and more. It also ensures more efficient follow-ups and upsales. Contact one of our representatives for more information.


  • After-sales management: After-sales management is crucial to any dealership. This is where the opportunities truly lie. This is also where we develop customer loyalty, something that is necessary in a market where competition is fierce. Tools that enable lease return follow-ups and tracking are absolutely essential.

Improved Conversion

Turn your leads into sales by offering your sales teams information to customize the customer experience.

Optimized Productivity

Improve the performance of your customer service agents with effective measurement tools including call listening.

More Loyal Customers

Solicit your clients with a more personalized and targeted approach at a favorable time, through management tools such as the client portfolio.



CRM has several advantages, it enables you to:

  •      Facilitate access to customer needs information
  •      Master the relationship with customers
  •      Satisfy and retain current customers
  •      Attract new customers
  •      Increase sales
  •      Improve the image of the dealership









Programs & Platforms

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