The benefits of Facebook advertising


  • A large audience with more that 2 billion people using Facebook every month
  • Facebook offers the highest level of targeting and allows you to reach users by age, interests, behaviour and location
  • Facebook advertising increases awareness of your dealership
  • Facebook will increase traffic on your website.
  • You can launch a campaign on a website to target your audience and send it to your website
  • Facebook increases the attribution of your customers, which is the number of times that your customers see your dealership’s name
  • The more they interact with your business, the more likely they are to convert
  • Facebook advertising increases word of mouth and sharing of your publications. Your customers will talk about you

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The benefits of advertising of Youtube


These are the advantages of doing advertising on Youtube:


  • YouTube is the third most visited website in the world
  • YouTube is the second most important search engine after Google
  • Target your audience according to their interests
  • Pay at cost per view; the YouTube payment model is advantageous for the advertiser because it allows you to pay for ads only when they have been seen entirely or for at least 30 seconds.
  • Create an ongoing relationship with your users:  one of the advantages of advertising on YouTube is that you have the possibility of linking your own YouTube channel and growing your followers.
  • Genarate leads for your business.
  • More powerful audio and imagery options provide a more engaging and powerful advertising tool. Unlike a standard ad, which typically has an image and a call to action, YouTube video advertising helps you create a much more impactful campaign for your users.
  • Choose between different display modes for your advertisements. One of the useful features of advertising on YouTube is that it allows you to choose between several display modes relevant to your advertising messages according to your needs.
  • Remarketing opportunities: Remarketing allows you to display your ad to users who have already interacted with your dealership elsewhere on the web, usually on your website.


YouTube ad formats

– The true view “Instream” : the advertising video is broadcast before the Youtube videos

– The true view “insearch”: the advertising video is displayed in the youtube search results page

– The view “inslate” : this format is reserved for videos longer that 10 minutes : the user, before viewing the video, will have to choose between 3 videos

– The view “indisplay” : The advertising video is presented next to the classic youtube videos.


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